I am just an idea
No harm can come of that
If I punch you in the face
It’s from love
You intolerant disgrace

I am just an idea
No physical location
There are no positions
Just posters and brochures

I am just an idea
I play soccer in the park

Hooves are tapping, beating dirt
Nameless Rider comes at once
No one knows for whom he searches

No escaping, all are cursed!
No escaping, not one victim!
No escaping, hope is venom!

Awakened from a midnight dream,
Yea, from my sleep and from my bed
By my ankles I am dragged
Kicking, screaming…

Chapter 1

  • If you can change your counterpart’s emotional response, you can change their logical response.
  • People respond more to their emotions than they do to logic and numbers.
  • If a person feels listened to then they will listen to themselves more to clarify how they feel.
  • A negotiator’s job…
Photo by 🧔 Michal Kmeť on Unsplash

A hiker, headed towards his usual, scenic route, came to a tall cliff. The peak rose high above his head and covered the noon day sun. With watchful eyes, he studied every edge and cranny of the bluff. “I can’t climb this.” He said resolutely, then journeyed home.

An elderly…

Elijah’s Lens

Provoking thought, arousing emotion

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