I am just an idea
No harm can come of that
If I punch you in the face
It’s from love
You intolerant disgrace

I am just an idea
No physical location
There are no positions
Just posters and brochures

I am just an idea
I play soccer in the park
But if I end up in jail
GoFundMe posts my bail

I am just an idea
I hate Donald Trump
And President Biden
(But Joe does host my website)

I am just an idea
I stay out past curfew
Ignore these axes and knives
They’re just my soy-boy-toys


Hooves are tapping, beating dirt
Nameless Rider comes at once
No one knows for whom he searches

No escaping, all are cursed!
No escaping, not one victim!
No escaping, hope is venom!

Awakened from a midnight dream,
Yea, from my sleep and from my bed
By my ankles I am dragged
Kicking, screaming, I am led
Across hell’s basement, I am dead
Against my will, I am dead

No escaping, not one victim!
No escaping, I am with him

Awakened from my slumber
My pillows soaked in sweat
It was just a nightmare
A moment to forget

Silly legend’s had…

A lot of people have mixed feelings about the book‘s author Dave Ramsey. I did too. He comes across as blunt and less-than empathetic. However, after reading his book I understood him a lot more. He is very empathetic in his own way. He understands the pain that the lack of money or surplus of debt can cause in people’s lives, having lived through both himself. Now, he spends most of his time teaching others how to put their finances in order. He has a great radio show, which I’ve been listening to through his YouTube channel.

Buying Fever


“It was the best thing that ever happened in my life, she gave me up for adoption.”

David Watson is financially invested in 30 Sonic restaurants. He’s a local church leader, a husband, and father of two. Here is the transcript of our interview:

Note: Minor editing was done to the transcript to make it reader friendly. The interview itself can be viewed on Youtube.

Q: Could you share with me a little about your upbringing and how you came to where you are now?

Okay, as far as may family goes, I have such a colorful background in my family. My biological parents were not married. My mom was married, got pregnant with another guy whose…

Chapter 1

  • If you can change your counterpart’s emotional response, you can change their logical response.
  • People respond more to their emotions than they do to logic and numbers.
  • If a person feels listened to then they will listen to themselves more to clarify how they feel.
  • A negotiator’s job is to gather emotional information, and influence their behavior.
  • You have a right and a responsibility to ask for what you think is best in the world; you get what you ask for.

Chapter 2

  • Some people think of negotiating as an argument. That’s because they have too many voices…

Photo by 🧔 Michal Kmeť on Unsplash

A hiker, headed towards his usual, scenic route, came to a tall cliff. The peak rose high above his head and covered the noon day sun. With watchful eyes, he studied every edge and cranny of the bluff. “I can’t climb this.” He said resolutely, then journeyed home.

An elderly man, weary from days of travel, backpacked along its base. He had gotten lost and wandered far from his trail. His head down, he never saw the cliff’s peak. He enjoyed the cliff’s shade for a time and continued looking for his path.

Later, An ambitious lad walked right up…

Elijah’s Lens

Provoking thought, arousing emotion

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